Monday, December 5, 2011

The Canadian Lynx - Wild Cat Family Biography

The lynx or the Canadian lynx is a mammal that belongs to the cat family. Having a dense coat that is silver brown in color, the cat has tufted ears and ruffed face. The cat refers to the other species belonging to mid-sized lynx genus. Somewhat larger than the bob cat, the Canadian lynx is one of the most recognized species across Canada.

The lynx is almost twice in size than any other domestic cat. It can be distinguished from a bob cat by its tail. It is known to be a secretive and solitary animal, though at times they can be spotted in small groups. These cats are generally active and perform its activities in early morning or dusk time. They often sleep through out the day and remain partially active in the night. They walk around 1-3 miles each day and thus have need of a large territory. In case the food becomes scarce in their territory. They expand their territory leaving behind only few in the typical territory and rest moving far apart., They love to remain near trees and swim.

The coat of Canadian lynx changes its color from a silvery brown to reddish tinge. The features of Lynx include a furry ruff resembling a beard that is double-pointed. It also has a short tail that has a black tip and ears with long furry tufts. The legs are also long and full of fur. The dentition of lynx includes 28 teeth including 4 canines which they use for gripping and puncturing. Since these cats are heavily laced with nerves, they can come to know where it is biting its prey with canines. Bite of the lynx is famous for going very deep within.

They are gruesome predators and usually hunt for rodents, hares and birds. They kill large animals like deer, very much occasionally. The lynx is known for hunting once in two or three days. They consume about a pound at every meal. Lynx love to feed on snowshoe hair so much so that when there is drop in population of snowshoe hair, the population of lynx also get decreased.


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